This morning, I attended a terrific breakfast seminar delivered by Ernie Dianastasis and sponsored by theDelaware Emerging Technology Center. Ernie is Managing Director of CAI, a global information technology (IT) consulting, integration and outsourcing services organization. Ernie founded CAI in 1981 and since then it has grown to over 2,800 employees with business units around the world.

Ernie’s talk was the last of four seminars on the topic of “Entrepreneurs Secrets of Success.” One thing that Ernie talked about was that he once calculated that there are 1,300 weeks between the ages of 50 and 75 years old. So he filled a bowl with 1,300 marbles, and now every Sunday night he takes one marble out of the bowl to remind himself of the importance of every single week.

Here are Ernie’s “10 Personal Rules for Success:”

1. Seek out a strong family culture

2. Invest in training, including time management, achievement, and negotiation

3. Epomonée kai Meyali Prosfée (Greek for “Patience and fortitude with lots of prayer”)

4. Surround yourself with your best friends (even if they don’t start out that way)

5. Learn the power of momentum

6. Plan, plan, plan… And when you’re done with that… Plan some more!!

7. Figure out the big picture (public, private, academic and non-profit)

8. Build great relationships-they trump everything else but performance

9. View your own life as a company with a Board of Directors

10. Never forget where you came from under any circumstances

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