Hello, and thanks for visiting Data Machines. My name is George Huhn, and I am the founder of Data Machines, Inc and developer of Optsee® and Bubble Chart Pro™.

If you’re expecting a slick corporate “About” page here, then you’re going to be disappointed. If you want to know “about” Optsee® and Bubble Chart Pro™ then you won’t be.

I developed Optsee®, our first commercial project portfolio management software application, because it was an application that I wanted to use to help my consulting clients make better decisions around project funding and staffing. There really wasn't (and isn't) anything quite like it on the market. As a consulting tool, it worked really well, but I found that many of my potential customers weren't ready for some of the high-level analyses that Optsee® featured.

Therefore, I developed the Bubble Chart Pro™ series of products after talking to customers, potential customers, and other business people about project portfolio management tools. What I found was that many individual business people wanted to improve their project portfolio management decision-making, but wanted to start small.

Why small?

For any number of reasons, but mostly because their organizations weren’t ready for a big, complex, enterprise-wide solution, and they didn’t want to risk the investment of money or time. Others simply wanted a tool on their desktop that they could use individually for their own department-level project decision analyses and presentations. And they wanted it to be easy to use and understand.

So I took many of the things that people liked best about Optsee®, including the bubble charts, the SMART prioritization methodology, and the optimization capability, and built them into the Bubble Chart Pro™ family of projects.

And I made them simpler and easier to use than the original Optsee® application with an improved GUI and a simpler work-flow.

Now, after more than 5 years of developing, refining, and releasing new versions of the Bubble Chart Pro™ series of products, I integrated the SMART simulation and prioritization and optimization features of Optsee® into the Bubble Chart Pro™ platform and released it as Optsee® version 5. Optsee® 5 is a much more versitile tool than Optsee® 4, with a much better user-interface and many more capabilities.

So if you’re interested in getting a better handle on prioritizing and selecting your projects, we offer a number of ways for you to get started so you you are not overwhelemed with features that you don't need. Our product line now includes:

  • Bubble Chart Pro BASIC: A powerful bubble-charting application designed specifically for analyzing project portfolios using customized 2D and 3D bubble charts. The application is built on a powerful database engine which make sorting and querying easy to do.
  • Bubble Chart Pro PLUS: All the features of Bubble Chart Pro BASIC plus a built-in SMART project prioritization system, an executive dashboard, bar charts, and sensitivty testing charts. This is the ideal application for users who are looking for a rigorous and defensible project prioritization system coupled with a compelling project portfolio charts.
  • Bubble Chart Pro OPTIMAL: All the features of Bubble Chart Pro PLUS plus a built-in portfolio optimizer, unique project portfolio ranking charts, and the capability to prioritize under uncertainty. The optimizer makes it easy to find a portfolio that maximizes value while meeting your business constraints such as budget, time, and risk limitations. Prioritizing under uncertainty lets you model the inherent risks in your portfolio.
  • Optsee®: All the features of Bubble Chart Pro OPTIMAL plus the capability to prioritize using Monte Carlo simulations, compare portfolios against efficient frontiers, save different optimizations, track changes against baselines over time, and much more.

You can see a table comparing the major features of all our products by clicking here.

And if there is a feature that you’d like to see or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I personally read all messages that we get from the web. As you can see from our product updates pages, we are constantly adding new features and implementing our customer’s suggestions.

Again, thanks for visiting Bubble Chart Pro™, and please tell your friends and colleagues about us.

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